Unicompartmental (partial) Knee Replacement

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Evolution of Unicompartmental (partial) Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement components are designed and manufactured by many different companies in the United States and throughout the world. All currently utilized components have a long track record of success and have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Currently the most common material used for components are various metal alloys to include titanium, cobalt-chrome, and stainless steel as well as high grade plastics known as polymers.

There are various implants that may be used to replace any of the three compartments within the knee, depending on which area has been found to cause symptoms for the individual patient. Which component is right for an individual patient must be determined prior to surgery with a conversation between the patient and his or her surgeon. Unicompartmental knee replacement has been shown to be an effective treatment for patient’s who meet the correct indications for surgery with a greater than 90% success rate and survivorship of implants at 15 years post-operatively.

There are however some studies which demonstrate a lower success rate and survivorship as compared to total knee replacement as well as an increased rate of revision surgery for partial knee replacements when compared to total knee replacement.

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