Tendon Suture Anchors

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Evolution of Tendon Suture Anchors

The suture anchor is another method of attaching tendon to bone. Using a small drill, two anchors are inserted into the thickest portion of the bone. One end of the suture is attached to the two suture anchors. The suture anchors serve to anchor the suture to the bone. The other end of the suture is again attached to the end of the tendon. The tendon is drawn up against the bone without the need to drill a hole or pass suture through to the other side of the bone.

This method is useful when suture cannot be passed through to the far side of the bone or when such a “pass through” would cause damage on the far side. Suture anchors are also easier to use during laparoscopic surgery (surgery using small holes, long instruments, and a camera). Anchor design has evolved from screws and barbs to soft anchors composed of only suture material.

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