Sientra High-Strength Cohesive (HSC) Gel Opus Lux

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Evolution of Sientra High-Strength Cohesive (HSC) Gel Opus Lux

Sientra High-Strength Cohesive (HSC) Gel Opus Luxe round gel implants reflect the latest advancements in implant technology. These implants feature resilient silicone gel designed to retain its shape, while maintaining a soft, natural feel. Because the gel inside is highly cohesive (much like a gummy bear), they do not leak if the outer shell is compromised. The gel fill level has been optimized to create the ideal breast shape. Sientra HSC+ implants offer a more cohesive silicone gel designed for better shape retention and minimization of wrinkling or rippling. Sientra manufactures all their implants in the United States. Depending on the technique of breast reconstruction, Sientra implants may be used after adequate space is created for them using a Sientra Dermaspan or AlloX2 tissue expander.

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