Plantar Plate Repair

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Evolution of Plantar Plate Repair

Plantar plate repair has continued to evolve as a treatment option for plate ruptures due to specialized guides and tools used to work within the confined space of the MTP joint. Before the advent of these technologies, fusion procedures using plates and screws were the more common option. While fusion procedures are reliable at relieving pain, patients can no longer move the fused joint, which can lead to different complications later on. As such, opinions that relieved pain and maintained motion were sought.

As plantar plate repair became more popular, different modifications were made. As stated previously, the dorsal approach is becoming more popular as patients can bear weight sooner and have less pain. The inclusion of metatarsal shortening osteotomies became more popular as it was shown to reduce risk of re-rupture. Now, specialized guides and hooks have been developed to allow efficient and safe stitching of the plantar plate, drill holes in the phalanx, and to fix the metatarsal osteotomy site.

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