Infant Ear Splints

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Evolution of Infant Ear Splints

Ear molding consists of applying a custom-fit, soft plastic mold that corrects the ear deformity and holds the ear in a more normal position. Be wearing this device continuously (usually for 2-6 weeks), the ear can be reshaped to correct the deformity. The device is held in place with adhesives and tape; there is no pain to the infant during the application process. Several different ear molding devices are available ranging from those that can be applied at home to those requiring physician application.

A useful analogy is to think of an infant’s ear cartilage as wet clay. This soft, malleable cartilage can be held in a new position by the ear mold. As weeks pass, the cartilage hardens and holds its new shape. The device can then be removed while the ear shape remains permanently improved.

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