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Evolution of Heart Valves

Medical technology has become quite exciting in the last few years. In the old days, if you had a heart valve problem, it’s a big mechanical item so it would require a big mechanical fix. Which would be an open heart surgery. Most people picture that as a big cut across their chest, a week to several weeks hospital stay and lots of risks.

That has changed now. There are a lot of minimally invasive valve technologies that have emerged. Fixing the aortic valve was one of the first ones, and now including the mitral valve.

So now patients have the option, if they are the appropriate candidate for it, instead of a traditional open heart surgery, this can be done minimally invasive through a small hole in the groin.

So if you’ve been offered a heart valve surgery, where do you find out about technologies? There’s not much out there for the lay public. That’s where MEDcraze steps in and gives you the information to ask your doctor if one of these new technologies might be right for you.

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You can then take this information and have an elevated discussion, based on technology, with your healthcare provider.

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