Femoral Nailing

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Evolution of Femoral Nailing

Femoral nailing is an attractive option for the treatment of hip fractures. This is a minimally invasive technique only requiring small incisions of the skin and does not require the large dissection needed for other techniques.

A metal rod (or nail) is placed within the femur, spanning across the fractured segment and is secured into place, most of with screws. One thicker screw is placed through the femoral neck and into the femoral head near the hip joint to prevent the fracture from rotating and compress across the fracture site, and one screw is placed near the end of the rod to prevent it from migrating inside the bone.

Patients are immediately able to walk after surgery because the metal rod helps to share the load of weight through the femur. This way patients can mobilize early, prevent the development of blood clots or a pneumonia and return to their pre-injury level of function and activity.

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