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Evolution of Elliquence Disc-FX® System

Treating Contained Disc Herniations (Bulging Disc)
Patients with contained disc herniations are commonly treated with conservative care including rest, medications, injections and/or physical therapy. Unfortunately, this does not always provide relief. Patients who do not respond to conservative care may be advised by their Dr to consider a traditional open spine surgery which can have some significant post-surgical challenges. Full recovery may take weeks or months causing a major disruption in their daily lives.  However, when a Dr elects to use Disc-FX® to perform the least invasive, minimal access procedure,  it will be done on an out-patient basis and the patient will go home the same day with only a small bandage on their back.  Disc-FX® tools are uniquely designed to allow physicians to “sneak” into the disc using a tiny tube and remove the offending herniation using tiny graspers and the patented steerable bipolar probe called the Trigger-Flex® to reduce the bulge in the disc and seal the tears in the disc wall (annulus) caused by the bulge. As a result, pressure in the disc is reduced, which eases the symptoms.

Who is a Candidate for Disc-FX?
Patients with symptomatic, contained lumbar (lower back) disc herniations that have not responded to conservative treatment. Typical signs of a contained lumbar disc herniation in lumbar spine is lower back pain or pain radiating down the leg. Disc-FX® may not be beneficial for advanced degenerative disc disease or spinal fractures. Your doctor will evaluate and determine if you are a candidate for Disc-FX®.

Potential Benefits of the Procedure:

  • Out-patient procedure
  • Short procedure time
  • Local Anesthetic
  • Minor Skin Incision
  • Minimal Access Procedure
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Quick Relief of Symptoms
  • Can Treat Multiple Disc Levels
  • Earlier return to normal activities
  • Preserves all additional future surgical options
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