Coronary Stents

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Evolution of Coronary Stents

The heart is a very important organ and just like all of your organs, it too needs a blood supply. If you block the blood supply to the heart you can have a heart attack. One of the technologies used to treat these are stents. Older model stents were metal and they were made of mesh. However, these were prone to getting blocked down the road. The newer stents are drug coated and there have been multiple permutations of these drugs that have improved as we’ve understood the processes better. 

Recently, there have been absorbable stents, which seem to be the Utopia that they would serve their purpose, dissolve, and be gone. Unfortunately, that has not panned out so well. However, there is exciting new technology as the drugs that are used to coat these stents and steadily continue to improve providing better blood flow and durability.

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