Zimmer Biomet Versa-Fx® II Femoral Fixation System

The Versa-Fx® II Femoral Fixation System combines the strength of 22-13-5 stainless steel with a tube/plate junction. Anatomically contoured, the plate is designed provide optimum flexibility in angle fixiation.

A wide selection of sizes, tube/plate angles, and screw hole configurations provide the versatility to use the Versa-Fx II System in a variety of indications, including intracapsular, intertrochanteric, and subtrochanteric fractures (Winquist Type Ill comminuted fractures). The tube plate is available in both keyed and keyless options, with a single set of instruments used for both.

Product Features:

One set of surgically sequenced instruments are available for both keyed and keyless options. System and product features include:

  • System offers a variety of tube angles that range between 130°-150° Compression Tube Plate and 95° or 90° Supracondylar Tube Plates
  • A choice of three thread options combined with a tapered core helps maximize the bone­ implant interface
  • Screws can be angled up to 30 degrees proximally
  • Anatomically contoured  side plate provides for flexibility in angle fixation
  • Elongated proximal slot for 6.5mm cancellous, 4.5mm cortical, or 7.0mm cannulated screw
  • Linked lag screws have sharp leading edge threads for easy insertion, blunt center threads to accommodate a compression screw
  • Keyed and keyless tube plate designs                  
  • Pin Relocator provides for accurate reinsertion of Guide Pin

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