Zimmer Biomet Persona® Total Knee Replacement

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As one of the leaders in the orthopaedic implant reconstructive surgery, Zimmer Biomet offers a unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for individuals who have very selective areas of osteoarthritis in the knee, however they also offer the PersonaTM total knee replacement system for tricompartmental knee osteoarthritis. In addition to the traditional metals that allow for osseous integration into patient’s native bones, they also offer a medial congruent bearing implant. This special polyethylene insert and metal implant design reenacts the native movement of the natural knee through flexion and extension. Not all implants come with this design, which makes Zimmer Biomet unique in the industry. All Zimmer Biomet total knee replacements have excellent long-term survival.

There are many companies that offer different types of technologies to perform a total knee replacement surgery. Some allow for 3D custom made metal components and some surgeons may use a robot to perform the joint replacement surgery. These technologies do not have a drastic effect on outcomes that warrant their universal use among all surgeons. It is important that your surgeon utilize the technology/company that they are most comfortable using, as surgical technique is of utmost importance to prevent complications.

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