Zimmer Biomet Natural Nail System

The Zimmer Natural Nail System is a next generation of intramedullary nails. They are characterized by their anatomic shape, which is intended to replicate the natural anatomic shape of the various long bones in the human skeleton. These nails have been designed for specific applications to help restore the shape of the fractured bone to its natural, pre-injured state. Key characteristics of the Zimmer Natural Nail System are:

  • Anterior bows in all of the femoral nails to match the natural anatomic shape
  • StabiliZe Technology in all of the long nails for solid interface between nail and bone, and stable fixation even in poor bone quality.
  • Different diameters and lengths available to match the anatomy of various patients
  • Spiral or Straight flutes to moderate stiffness and facilitate insertion
  • Intuitive instrumentation for ease of use

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