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Tepezza was created in an effort to provide a nonsurgical option for thyroid eye disease.  It is a human monoclonal antibody and the first drug approved for this condition.  Monoclonal antibodies are proteins made in a laboratory that mimic human antibodies and in this case works to prevent the immune system’s attack on cells. This particular drug works as an insulin-like growth factor receptor inhibitor. Insulin-like growth factors are key mediators in the stimulation of muscle and fatty tissue behind the eye that leads to swelling and expansion within the confined space of the orbit.  Once the receptors on the cells are inhibited by tepezza, stimulation of fat and muscle is blocked.  After a total of eight infusions over 24 weeks, it has been demonstrated to cause a 2mm or better regression of proptosis.  This innovative method of achieving regression of eye protrusion gives people with exopthalmos a nonsurgical option that did not exist prior to this medication.

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