Synthes Prodisc-C Total Disc Replacement

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The Prodisc-C Total Disc Replacement is one the most commonly used technologies for cervical disc replacement. It is intended to significantly reduce pain through the removal of the diseased disc while restoring disc height and providing the potential for motion similar to native anatomic kinematics. It is a modular implant, meaning that there are numerous components as opposed to a single rigid construct. It consists of two metal endplates (composed of cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy, CoCrMo) that are placed on the superior and inferior borders of the two vertebral bodies with a medical grade plastic (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) that is between the plates.

The polyethylene insert is convex in shape which articulates with the polished concave bearing surface of superior endplate. These together form a ball and socket design, allowing for the preservation of motion with unconstrained axial rotation, and 20 degrees of motion in both flexion and extension. Both of the metal plates have a central keel that anchors into the vertebral bodies providing secure primary fixation.

These central keels are similar in concept to the shape of a sailboat and how they are able to remain stable in hazardous conditions. The keels have a superficial layer of titanium porous coating, which aids in long-term fixation. There are six sizes of endplate footprints and three different polyethylene height options, allowing for a total of 18 possible configurations to appropriately fit nearly any specific patient dimensions.

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