Stryker T2 Alpha Tibia Nailing System ™

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The Stryker T2 Alpha Tibia Nailing System ™ was first introduced in 2018, and in the time since it has become one of the most common intramedullary nail systems used today. This nail comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate a patient’s unique dimensions. Once the nail is inserted, it is kept in place by the use of locking screws. Older generation nails traditionally only had one or two screw holes in the same plane both above and below the fracture site.

The T2 Alpha offers the surgeon the added benefit of multiple proximal locking screw options (how the nail is “locked” in place above the fracture) as well as a distal locking pattern (below the fracture) for increased angular stability. Furthermore, after an intramedullary nail is placed past the fracture, the fracture ends can become separated. This nail allows for 7mm of active internal compression at the fracture site to ensure contact between bone ends, helping to prevent non-union (refer to pictures below for how this is accomplished).

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