Stryker Gamma Nail

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The Gamma nail was first used in 1985 and the design has been improved upon over the years. A small incision is made lateral portion of the buttocks and the nail is inserted inside the femur. Attached to the device is a guide that ensures that the trajectory of the screws placed thought the middle of the nail is correct.

Two additional small incisions are made so that the screws securing the nails position can be placed. The nail itself is made from specially treated titanium that comes with multiple options to best fit the anatomy of the patient’s femur.

The larger screw placed through the nail and into the femoral head helps control compression and can help lessen shortening of the femoral neck seen after treatment with other devices (such as the dynamic hip screw). There is an additional screw at the top of the nail that can prevent any rotation at the fracture site which is a common problem when using other systems.

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