Smith+Nephew PERI-LOC VLP System

Polyaxial Locking Plate

Each PERI-LOC VLP screw hole contains:

  • Five separate tabs that engage with the threads of the locking screw head to form a fixed angle construct.
  • Locking screws can be angled and locked up to 15° in any direction allowing for the creation of customized, multi-directional locked plating constructs.
  • Each screw hole accepts 3.5mm Cortex, 3.5mm Locking and/or 5.0mm Osteopenia Screws.

Low Profile Implants

  • Low profile fracture fixation in areas of minimal soft tissue coverage such as periarticular zones.
  • All screws have a low head profile to further reduce the potential for soft tissue irritation in these sensitive areas.

Optimal Plate Contour

  • The “compression contouring” feature is essential to the implant’s ability to resist torque and bending during fracture healing.
  • Once securely fixed in place, the plate produces a constant buttress effect to the fracture site to minimize loss of reduction and to enhance overall fracture fixation.
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