Smith+Nephew Trigen Meta-Nail Tibial Nail System


With a full range of sizes, the Tibial Nail is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of tibial fractures. Enhanced fixation via threaded screw holes and polyethylene bushings offer excellent solutions for the fixation of complex fractures.


  • Enhanced multi-planar proximal locking hole configuration for optimal fixation
  • Threaded screw holes and polyethylene bushings enhance fixation and minimize post-operative fragment translation
  • Full range of sizes and 1cm increments for a comprehensive and accurate approach to fracture fixation
  • Internally threaded distal locking hole located 5mm from nail tip for enhanced fixation of extreme distal fractures
  • 2° distal bend facilitates implant passage and fit within the distal tibia
  • Nail cap locks most proximal screw for additional fixation
  • Up to 7mm of active compression possible through proximal dynamization slot
  • Proximally located 10° Herzog Bend eases implant insertion and minimizes fracture displacement during implantation
  • Uses standard TRIGEN captured locking screws for system compatibility

Titanium alloy for strength, flexibility and biocompatibility 

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