Smith and Nephew Journey II Total knee replacement

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The Smith and Nephew Journey IITM Total Knee Arthroplasty system is an innovative option for use in total knee replacement. The components are designed to improve range of motion and improve knee function following surgery. This is accomplished through the component design which allow for more anatomic knee motion following replacement. The system comes with multiple options for surgeons with regard to component design and ability to retain ligaments within the knee that may otherwise need to be sacrificed.

This allows the surgeon to have a greater amount of control over the implants that they desire to use. The Journey II system is also compatible with multiple other products to include custom 3D printed cutting guides, and surgical navigation technologies which allow the surgeon to have even more options at their disposal. Although the choice of implant should always be determined by the surgeon, allowing them to choose the product they are most comfortable with, the Smith and Nephew Journey IITM Total Knee Arthroplasty system is an incredible technology.

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