Skeletal Dynamics IJS-Elbow

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The Skeletal Dynamics IJS-Elbow is the only internal elbow joint stabilizer readily available in the United States today. A lateral approach to the elbow is utilized, typically with a 10-15cm incision. Prior to hardware implantation, any soft tissue defects can be appropriately addressed, such as ligamentous repair or radial head replacement. Once the primary and secondary stabilizers of the elbow joint have been restored, the device is then placed.

This low-profile design still incorporates a Steinmann pin inserted through the lateral side of the distal aspect of the humerus, parallel to the axis of flexion-extension of the ulnohumeral joint. The distal extension of the construct is attached to a small plate that can be fixed to the ulna with designated screws for improved stability.

Recent studies have demonstrated substantial improvement in elbow stability, with patients regaining near full motion of the elbow joint.The most common complication of the procedure is irritation from the hardware; however, this is only temporary as it is recommended that this construct be subsequently removed 6-7weeks after placement.

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