NuVasive PRECICE StrydeNail

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NuVasive has taken the concept of distraction osteogenesis, and applied it to modern day implant technology. With their PRECICE and PRECICE Stryde limb lengthening nails, they have created intramedullary, meaning inside the bone, implants which are able to be lengthened by a user-controlled magnet. This exceptional technology allows for limb lengthening without the issues or nuisance that can come with a ringed external fixator.

The PRECICE Stryde nail is their newest model, which is strong enough to allow for weight bearing in certain patients. NuVasive has designed a system that is easy to use, easy to implant surgically, and allows for discrete limb lengthening. The downside of this system is that it can only perform longitudinal lengthening, meaning it has no capability to correct deformities in other planes if present.

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