NuVasive MAGEC Growing Rods

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The NuVasive MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) device allows scoliosis patients to undergo similar treatment to traditional growing rod procedures, but with noninvasive distractions. It works by using external magnets to control a rod implanted in the spine and is for children diagnosed with progressive early onset scoliosis who have not benefited from nonsurgical treatments.

With the MAGEC system, the patient can have the lengthening done in the office without anesthesia. There is typically no pain during the lengthening, no additional incisions or bandages, and the child can get back to activities immediately as tolerated. Overall, this procedure decreases the chance of infection, risk of anesthesia, as well as the anxiety, cost, and time experienced with repetitive surgeries. This has completely changed how we treat a young child with progressive scoliosis.

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