MTF Biologics FlexHD® STRUCTURAL, Acellular Hydrated Dermis

FlexHD Structural is the biologic of choice for complex abdominal wall reconstruction, including Grade III and Grade IV contaminated hernias.

Because it’s derived from human tissue, it is biocompatible for better integration and vascularization, while offering incomparable strength to resist stretching and failure.

MTF Biologics offers the only pre-shaped human biologic dermal graft for AWR cases. Our diamond shaped grafts better fit the abdominal wall cavity so there’s less graft trimming and waste, and more coverage from xiphoid to pubis, all at a lower service fee, helping you meet patient needs while containing costs.  

FlexHD Structural is also available in smaller sizes ideal for cleft palate repair, and other facial reconstructive procedures, as well as sizes to accommodate parastomal and paraesophageal hernia repair. 

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