Medtronic Internal Defibrillator

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While all defibrillators do the essential task of delivering a shock to save the patient’s life, Medtronic’s defibrillator has several available unique features including an ergonomic shape, Wavelet algorithm, and Optivol. As the defibrillator is often placed under the skin, the edges of the device can be felt when pressing on the person’s chest. The ergonomic shape sits nicely under the skin. Wavelet is a unique algorithm that helps improve detection of dangerous heart rhythms and distinguish them from abnormal heart rhythms that are not life threatening. While many manufacturers have similar algorithms, Wavelet is the most advanced of the available algorithms. Optivol uses measurements of resistance (thoracic impedance) to determine if a patient has volume overload (or heart failure exacerbation). This can help their cardiologist adjust fluid medication (ie diuretics or “water pills”). Medtronic was the first to offer this feature, and still has the most robust thoracic impedance monitoring compared to other device manufacturers who now also offer this feature.

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