Magseed and Sentimag Breast Cancer Localizer

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Magseed (endomag): Magseed is a small magnetic device designed to localize breast cancer within the breast. It can be placed into cancerous tissue with a needle with various forms of radiologic guidance. It relies on magnetic energy and does not emit any radiation. Therefore, it can be implanted 30 or more days prior to surgery and safely remain in the body much longer than the radioactive seed.

Sentimag (endomag): The Sentimag sensor is used to scan the breast and localize the magseed. Sentimag creates a magnetic field and detects the magnetic energy being emitted by Magseed. Once localized in this way, a surgeon can confidently remove the cancerous area. After removal, the removed tissue and remaining breast are re-scanned to make sure the magnetic seed was removed. The removed tissue is also x-rayed to make sure the Magseed is still within the tissue and the correct area was removed.

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