GC Aesthetics Nagor and Eurosilicone Breast Implants


  • Smooth or Nagotex™ Mid-textured surface
  • SiloGard™ 360° Barrier shell
  • Extensive choice of fully filled profiles with 38 size options
  • SiloGel Twist™: 6th-generation, soft-form, stable, high-cohesion silicone gel


  • Nagotex® Mid-textured surface
  • Tapered edges for less visibility and palpability
  • Firm upper pole for shape maintenance, and higher projection for added lift
  • SiloGard™ 360° Barrier and SiloGel™ form stable high cohesion gel

Round Collection™ by Eurosilicone

  • 12 different configurations with 233 variations
  • Shell surface: Smooth or Cristalline™ Micro-textured
  • Silicone gel ParaGel™: Soft Cohesive or Natural Cohesive
  • ParagelGard™ 360° Barrier layer

The Matrix™ by Eurosilicone

  • Tapered edges for less visibility and palpability
  • Firm upper pole for shape maintenance and higher projection for added lift
  • ParaGel™ form stable high cohesion silicone gel and ParagelGard™ 360° Barrier layer
  • Cristalline™ Micro-textured

CURVEO™ Gluteal Implants by NAGOR

  • Highly cohesive, form stable gel for a natural look
  • More precision placement with optimised orientation dot markers
  • Optimized ratio between projection and base width
  • Radio-Opaque horizontal-orientation line marker (anatomical only) to assist with surgical pocket placement and visualisation on X-Ray

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