ENROUTE Carotid Stenting System

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The EnRoute Carotid Stenting system is a technology developed by Silk Road Medical which is used in the transcarotid approach to CAS. The Enroute system not only reverses the flow but allows the operator to control for the speed of blood flow. It harnesses the high pressure system of the artery and connects it with the low pressure system of the femoral vein in the leg—causing a reversal of blood flow in the arteries shunting blood to the vein.

The TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedure is performed using the EnRoute transcarotid neuroprotection and stent system under sedation with a vascular surgeon. It involves making a small incision just above the collar bone to access the affected carotid artery. The EnRoute system is then inserted into the carotid artery and the other end is inserted into the common femoral vein. The flow reversal system is initiated, and the stent deployed into the carotid. After CAS, patients are usually observed overnight in the hospital.

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