DUATENE bilayer mesh

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Duatene bilayer mesh by Medtronic is a synthetic polypropylene mesh used in the open repair of groin hernias. The typical polypropylene hernia systems have a bridge, or connection between the two layers of mesh that fill the defect at the hernia site. This bridge does not typically include the same synthetic material of the mesh, whereas the Duatene bilayer mesh fills the bridge with the same synthetic polypropylene fibers included in the two mesh layers.

This technology may increase the strength of the mesh by enabling tissue integration directly within the groin defect. The two layers of the mesh, known as an onlay and underlay, are used to repair both sides of the abdominal wall, while the connector is situated within the opening of the defect. Advantages to Duatene include increased flexibility for ease of placement by the surgeon and anatomical conformability for the patient.

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