DePuy Synthes Variable Angle LCP® Forefoot/Midfoot System

The 2.4 mm / 2.7 mm Variable Angle LCP® Forefoot/Midfoot System is a comprehensive plating system that includes procedure-specific, anatomic plates for osteotomies, fusions and fractures of the foot. The system incorporates variable angle locking screw technology and a compression feature to aid in reconstructive foot surgery.

Anatomic/Procedure-specific plates

  • First MTP fusion plates
  • Opening wedge plates
  • TMT fusion plates
  • Cuboid, navicular, and mesh plates
  • General fusion plates:
    • T-, L-, and cloverleaf plates
    • X- and straight fusion plates

Compression Feature

  • Tactile compression
  • Designed within the plate to reduce additional soft tissue dissection
  • Allows final screw fixation after compression is achieved

Variable Angle Locking

  • 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm
  • Plate holes accept both size screws
  • 2.4 mm/2.7 mm LCP Screws can only be used axially
  • Variable angle Combi hole
  • Allows 15° off-axis/30° cone screw angulation

Implants available in stainless steel and titanium alloy.

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