Depuy Synthes Femoral Neck System (FNS)

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The Femoral Neck System was designed by Depuy Synthes to address some of these challenges. It is a plate and screw system that was specifically engineered for femoral neck open reduction and internal fixation. It has a large diameter “bolt” that provides angular stability. There is an anti-rotational screw that allows for rotational control of the femoral head fragment.

It has a low-profile design to prevent hardware prominence and an option to place 1 or 2 independent screws to help secure the plate to the femur. It only requires a small incision on the hip that allows for preservation of the blood supply that keeps the femoral head alive. This system allows for an anatomic reduction of the femoral neck, while providing built-in options to also control rotation in a low-profile design, all while respecting the blood supply to the femoral head.

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