DePuy Synthes 4.5 mm LCP® Proximal Tibia Plate

The Synthes 4.5 mm LCP Proximal Tibia Plate is part of the LCP Periarticular Plating System, which merges locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques. The 4.5 mm LCP Proximal Tibia Plate has many similarities to traditional fixation methods, with a few important improvements. The technical innovation of locking screws provides the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while using familiar AO plating techniques. Locking capability is important for fixed-angle construct in osteopenic bone or mulitfragment fractures where screw purchase is compromised.

Features & Benefits

  • Anatomically contoured to approximate the lateral aspect of the proximal tibia
  • Can be tensioned to create a load-sharing construct
  • Available in left and right configurations, in 316L stainless steel or commercially pure (CP) titanium

Plate head

  • Three convergent threaded screw holes accept 5.0 mm cannulated locking or 5.0 mm cannulated conical screws
  • Two 2.0 mm holes for preliminary fixation with Kirschner wires, or meniscal repair with sutures

Plate shaft

  • The two round holes distal to the head accept 4.5 mm cortex screws and 6.5 mm cancellous bone screws for interfragmentary compression or to secure plate position
  • An angled, threaded hole, distal to the two round holes, accepts the 5.0 mm cannulated locking screws, allowing this locking screw to converge with the central locking screw in the plate head to support a medial fragment
  • Combi holes combine a DCU hole with a threaded locking hole, accepting 4.5 mm cortex screws in the DCU portion and 4.0 mm and 5.0 mm locking screws in the threaded portion
  • Limited-contact profile
  • Small most distal hole accepts the Articulated Tension Device to provide compression or distraction
  • Available with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16*, 18*, or 20* Combi holes in the plate shaft

*Plates with 16, 18, or 20 screw holes are only available in 316L stainless steel

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