Da Vinci Robot

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The Da Vinci by Intuitive has shown to be a reliable tool in minimally invasive bariatric surgery. It allows the surgeon to operate in patients with large body habitus that can be difficult to perform surgery on using standard laparoscopic surgery. It has been shown to offer more precision and better ergonomics, reducing surgeon fatigue and allowing for delicate maneuvers.

The Da Vince robot consists of a surgeon cart, patient cart, and vision cart (which communicates between the former two carts). Currently there are two models in use for bariatric surgery X and XI. The other two Da Vinci models include the S which is being phased out and the SP which is only FDA approved for single port site surgery. The use of the Da Vinci robot in robot assisted bariatric surgery has decreased overall operative time, hospital stay, and overall post operative complications.

When using the Da Vinci Robot, the initial entry into the abdomen is performed by the surgeon who then docks the patient cart at the bedside, the surgeon then leaves the bedside and performs the surgery at the surgeon cart, while an assistant is at the bedside with the patient cart.

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