Bard Composix™ E/X Mesh

Polypropylene and Permanent ePTFE Barrier Designed for Ventral Hernia Repair

The Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh, combines two clinically proven biomaterials, Bard® polypropylene mesh and ePTFE, into one product. The polypropylene side of the Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh promotes tissue ingrowth into the abdominal wall over time and eliminates the need for transfixation sutures. The visceral side of the Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh features a permanent submicronic ePTFE barrier, which minimizes adhesions to the prosthesis. This ePTFE barrier is permanent, offering long-term protection and help to minimize the opportunity of fistulas or erosion of mesh.

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