Arthrex SpeedBridge™ Implant System

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The Arthrex SpeedBridge™ Rotator Cuff Repair system is an example of the latest advances in surgical technique that allows for great strength and reliability of rotator cuff repairs. This system includes bioabsorbable BioComposite SwiveLock suture anchors combined with FiberTape, a type of threaded suture material. The benefit of this system is that it can be done knotless, so that the strength and tension of the repair is more accurate and consistent by not relying on a provider’s ability to tie knots with the right tension.

Additionally, the pattern in which the FiberTrape is attached is called the double-row technique, which allows for a broad area of attachment of the tendon back to the bone to help with healing. Lastly, the bioabsorbable BioCompose suture anchors facilitate bony ingrowth resulting in improved insertion and pullout strength.

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