Arthrex Quad Tendon Repair with PARS (Percutaneous Achilles Repair System) Technique

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The Arthrex Percutaneous Achilles Repair System (PARS) is used for a wide assortment of tendon injuries to include quadriceps, patella, and achilles tendon ruptures. The minimally invasive PARS system helps facilitate consistently reliable capture of the quadriceps tendon and without the need for large incisions, which are associated with a higher risk of complications and scarring.

The anatomically contoured guide can be re-used, while the suture and passing needles come packaged in a convenient kit. The kit has a locking option allowing the surgeon to incorporate a locked FiberWire suture on both ends of the ruptured tendon. This results in a stronger repair than just passing transverse sutures across the tendon like other minimally invasive devices on the market. Finally, the PARS system allows the healed tendon to achieve a more natural contour, unlike the typical hypertrophic tendon resulting from open repair.

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