Arthrex™ Patella Tendon Repair with BioComposite™ SwiveLock® anchors, and FiberTape®

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The Arthrex SwiveLock product line consists of fully-threaded twist-In knotless anchors designed for use with FiberWire, FiberTape, and soft tissue grafts in repair and reconstruction techniques. Benefits of these anchors are that they are knotless meaning they do not rely on a surgeon’s ability to tie well tensioned knots for success. This takes much of the human error out of repairing the patellar tendon and allows for more consistent and reliable results. With these anchors tension is visualized, adjusted and locked into position with the SwiveLock anchor body which can be made out of a number of materials to include bioabsorbable BioComposite, nonabsorbable PEEK, or titanium. BioComposite has the advantage of enhanced boney in-growth after being resorbed.

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