Arthrex PARS Achilles Jig System

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The Arthrex PARS Achilles Jig System is utilized in a percutaneous and minimally invasive surgical approach to reduce the risk of wound complications. The healed tendon achieves a more natural contour, unlike the typical hypertrophic tendon resulting from open repair.

This system utilizes fiber wire for the suturing material used to secure the ruptured ends of the tendon together. The jig apparatus provides the option of utilizes transverse and locking sutures, and both techniques can be used simultaneously. The locking option allows the surgeon to incorporate a locked FiberWire suture on both ends of the ruptured tendon.

Biomechanical studies have demonstrated that the locking technique results in a stronger repair than just passing transverse sutures across the tendon like other minimally invasive technologies used in today’s practice. The jig apparatus that is utilized during the repair also provides consistent and reliable capture of the proximal and distal aspects of the tendon, as compared to “free-handing” the suture through the tendon that is part of the more traditional technique used for repair.

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