Arthrex Nano Swivelock®

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When a tendon or ligament has to be reattached to bone, an anchor or screw is often used to make this interface stronger while the tissues heal. To select an anchor for a particular repair, surgeons look at size, material, ease-of-use, and other factors. Arthrex manufactures a variety of small anchors suitable for use in the hand and wrist, including the Nano SwiveLock® anchor. To do a repair this way, the surgeon drills the anchor into the bones above and below, then uses the attached sutures to stitch the ligament or tendon and create the UCL repair/ reconstruction. Arthrex engineers tested the InternalBrace™ method of UCL repair/ reconstruction against repair/ reconstruction using just native tissue andNano SwiveLock®
anchors. A cadaver thumb was used to perform the surgery with each method. The thumb MCP joints were then hooked up to a machine that pulled and stretched them until the UCL eventually failed. The amount of force that it took to break each construct was measured and engineers found that the InternalBrace™ thumbs could withstand 4-6 times more force than thumbs with just suture anchors alone.

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