Arthrex FiberTak™

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Arthrex FiberTak™ is an all suture-based suture anchor that can be used to reattach the proximal biceps through a minimally invasive approach. All suture-based anchors provide rigid fixation with minimal bone loss that can come with other fixation. It can come with a single or double set of sutures attached to it.

The anchor is placed through a small hole drilled into the bone. As tension is pulled on the sutures, it expands a thickened area of the suture securing it in place and preventing it from coming back through the hole. The system is also designed to allow for easy tensioning of the tendon down to the bone by allowing some movement in the sutures prior to final tightening. This system is available for fixation of other soft tissues in the shoulder to include the labrum and in rotator cuff repairs.

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