Arthrex CMC Mini Tightrope® Fixation System

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The Arthrex CMC Mini Tightrope® Fixation System is a smaller version of the Tightrope® device, also by Arthrex. These implants consist of a span of very strong suture material with a button at either end. The device goes across two bones that are being stabilized at a certain distance from each other. The length of the suture span can be adjusted as it is implanted, and then the buttons are fixed in place and the extra suture is cut. Orthopaedic surgeons became familiar with this device in the ankle, where it is used to stabilize the fibula and tibia together if the syndesmosis ligaments are injured. Shoulder surgeons began using it to stabilize the coracoid to the clavicle in AC joint injuries (shoulder separations). More than a decade has passed since hand surgeons started using a smaller version of this device, the Mini Tightrope®, to fix the first metacarpal base to the second metacarpal base. Studies have shown that the stability of this implant is superior to using a tendon, so movement can be started earlier after
surgery safely. Other studies have shown that the implant results in the same amount of space over time compared to using K-wires, but without the issues of pain and infection.

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