Treatment of Facial Wrinkles

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Evolution of Treatment of Facial Wrinkles

Treatments for facial aging have been sought after for centuries and are wide-ranging; anything from make-up to invasive surgical procedures. Some are commercially available but the most effective treatments must come from a doctor. These treatments are best tailored to the individual and the patient’s specific concerns. Very small fines lines are wrinkles that may be best treated by retinol creams or chemical peels. Dyspigmentation can also be treated with creams, chemical peels, or laser therapies.

Dynamic rhytids, those produced by squinting the eyes or raising the eyebrows may be best treated by injection of botulinum toxin. Deep rhytids or static rhytids, those that you see in a relaxed face, may best be treated by a browlift or facelift, also known as rhytidectomy. Sagging and excess skin around the eyes may be removed, called blephroplasty, and skin laxity on the cheeks, jowls and neck can be improved with a facelift. Fat atrophy around the cheeks and eyes can be treated with the direct injection of fat, called fat grafting, or fillers. Fillers may also be used for enhancing the appearance of the lips, filling fine lines, and smoothing lines such as the nasolabial crease.

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