Open Reduction Internal Fixation of the Syndesmosis

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Evolution of Open Reduction Internal Fixation of the Syndesmosis

For syndesmosis injuries that ae severe or are identified in association with an ankle fracture, a procedure must be performed to stabilize the syndesmosis and prevent further displacement and instability about the ankle. In this situation, open reduction and internal fixation if the syndesmosis is the preferred operative treatment. This procedure consists of making an incision at the outer aspect of the ankle overlying the fibula. If there is a fracture in this are then it is reduced and fixed in place with a plate and screws. Once the fracture is stabilized, or if there was no fracture, the fibula is then manipulated utilizing clamps or other reduction maneuvers until it is adequately reduced to the native anatomic location. This position is verified using intra-operative x-rays or fluoroscopy and then the bone is fixed in place.

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