Olecranon Fracture Surgery

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Evolution of Olecranon Fracture Surgery

Olecranon fractures can be treated nonoperatively with a short-term immobilization and slowly advancing range motion at the elbow. When treated nonoperatively patients commonly have and extensor lag and are unable to fully extend (straighten the elbow) as they were prior to the injury.

The goal of surgical intervention is to restore the natural anatomy of the articular surface of the olecranon to allow and maintain optimal range of motion. Multiple options exist to treat these fractures such as tension band, intramedullary screw, plate and screw fixation, and fracture excision with triceps advancement. The tension band technique used to be fairly common however due to the advancement in implant technology, locking screws and plates have now become more popular and widely used. Multiple surgical techniques exist and can be combined depending on the fracture pattern.

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