Noninvasive Rhinoplasty

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Evolution of Noninvasive Rhinoplasty

As part of a growing trend towards noninvasive procedures with less pain and recovery time, methods to address cosmesis of the nose have emerged. Other names include “nonsurgical rhinoplasty” and “liquid rhinoplasty”. Generally, filler material is carefully injected into certain areas of the nose in order to change the projection, angulation, smoothness, or correct certain defects.

Other methods such as the “thread lift” include the use of suture material that can provide a scaffold to reshape the nose. Popular choices include Polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Additionally, there are nasal implants, such as the Latera implant, that support the nasal cartilage and increase the diameter of the nasal valves through which we inhale, for patients interested in functional rather than cosmetic outcomes.

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