Noninvasive Lip and Cheek Augmentation

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Evolution of Noninvasive Lip and Cheek Augmentation

  1. In facial plastic surgery, the ideal lips are believed to exist in a height ratio of 1/3 upper lip to 2/3 bottom lip. A symmetric and well-defined cupids bow and philtrum are also important. The lips should be the same width as a line dropped straight down from the medial canthus, or the most medial part of the white of our eyes as it meets the skin.  
  2. The augmentation of the cheekbones is typically tapered gradually along their course, with the most volume more laterally, and tapered off at both ends. This method will give the appearance of a shadow below the cheekbone. The same principles are used in makeup contouring to create the appearance of a defined cheek. The description of a patient having a “heart shaped face” refers to the cosmetically appealing cheekbones that are sought after with augmentation.

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