Labral Repair or Reconstruction

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Evolution of Labral Repair or Reconstruction

The current treatment of acetabular labral tears is based around labral repair and/or reconstruction. Traditionally, frayed and/or degenerative labra were debrided. Studies demonstrated inferior outcomes with debridement versus repair or reconstruction. With repair and reconstruction, surgeons are able to recreate the labral suction-seal, which restores normal fluid dynamics and hip biomechanics.

Recently, surgeons have begun augmenting their labral repairs with grafts, in order to better restore natural anatomy. Short and mid-term outcomes of repair and reconstruction have been promising, with multiple studies demonstrating predictable pain relief, improvement in hip-related quality of life and, for athletes, high return to play rates.

Repair and reconstruction are performed arthroscopically, and utilize a variety of anchors and graft materials. These surgeries are typically performed on an outpatient basis, and demand a prolonged course of post-operative rehabilitation and therapy in order to maximize outcomes.

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