Clavicle Fracture Surgery

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Evolution of Clavicle Fracture Surgery

The goal of surgical treatment of the clavicle is to restore the natural anatomy, decrease pain, and allow optimal function of the upper extremity. Multiple implants exist for surgical treatment and continue to evolve as the research and technology for treating fractures develops. Historically, these injuries were treated nonoperatively with a sling/brace immobilization for a few weeks then range of motion exercises are gradually introduced. However, recent studies have demonstrated that earlier surgical intervention can help prevent a long immobilization phase and help prevent decreased shoulder function.

Overall, multiple factors determine if surgical or nonoperative intervention is appropriate. Some factors that favor surgical intervention when considered are young age, open fracture, vascular injury, skin tenting at the fracture site, a symptomatic nonunion (bone did not heal), or a malunion (bone healed improperly).

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