Biceps Tendon Repair

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Evolution of Biceps Tendon Repair

Surgical treatment of biceps tendonitis is often performed through the technique of arthroscopy. This is the surgical technique of making small incisions around the shoulder, using a small camera to look inside the joint, and using special instruments to perform interventions within the shoulder joint.

Historically, surgical treatment of biceps tendonitis has been with tenotomy, which means cutting the diseased tendon without further treatment. This has provided good symptomatic relief, however can result in aesthetically unpleasing deformity of the biceps muscle and has associated cramping with biceps muscle use. To mitigate these effects, what is performed more commonly today is called a biceps tenodesis procedure.

Tenodesis means to move a tendon from one location and affix it in a new location. This allows for normal tensioning of the muscle preventing deformity and associated cramping. There is not difference in strength postoperatively with either procedure.

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