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MEDcraze LLC Announces $3 Million Seed Financing to Launch Its New Patient-Driven Medical Technology Platform

MEDcraze LLC, an online platform startup that provides patient information and access to new medical technologies, announced today the completion of a 3 million seed round. This seed financing has been made exclusively by JG Griffeth Investments LLC.

The company will use the proceeds to make key hires and continue to build out additional platform features. Most importantly, it will kickstart advertising efforts and opportunities for medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies that have recently launched new products.

“This capital will be instrumental in helping us scale MEDcraze and will serve our mission of creating awareness of new technologies that address an individual’s particular medical circumstance,” said Carey Markey, MEDcraze’s Founder.

About JG Griffeth Investments LLC

JG Griffeth Investments LLC is a private holding company that specializes primarily in commercial healthcare real estate developments. JG Griffeth Investments has invested in MEDcraze because of the exciting prospects it brings to patient empowerment and to broaden and diversify its investment portfolio.

About MEDcraze LLC

Headquartered in Atlanta GA, MEDcraze is a unique online community built by Patients, Clinicians and Industry. If you have been recently diagnosed, or have an upcoming surgical procedure, you can now obtain access to applicable advancements in medical technology. You can then take this information and have an elevated discussion, based on technology, with your healthcare provider.

For more information, please visit us at www.medcraze.com.

​Media Contact, Carey Markey, 678-360-1689, info@medcraze.com 

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