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Carey Markey

Carey Markey

MEDcraze Founder & CEO
Carey spent a career in the medical and biotech industry and constantly asked himself, “How do patients access the newest medical advancements?  How can I help to increase their awareness of technologies that address their medical circumstances so when they see a physician they feel empowered?”
Currently, access to new medical advancements is very limited and these limits aren’t just placed on the general public but clinicians as well. Carey wants to change that. 
Carey’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago and he experienced this limited access first-hand. But luckily, Carey worked in the breast cancer industry so he could contact companies directly to obtain product information. The real question is, why can’t you have the same access to information that Carey did?
Carey created MEDcraze so patients can become advocates for their healthcare, beyond diagnosis – and technology is a significant part of that care.  Technology, in most cases, can be the sole determining factor in whether or not your treatment outcome is successful.

Throughout his healthcare career he has represented and consulted to both start-up and established medical device organizations. These companies include Tissue Science Laboratories, Allosource, MTF, Johnson and Johnson (Mentor and Ethicon). Most recently, Carey served as the National Hernia Manager for Acell.

Carey received a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia.

Paul C. Konigsberg

MEDcraze Director of Investor Relations

Paul C. Konigsberg has 20 years of experience in the debt markets spanning origination, trading and portfolio management. Having started several companies himself, he is excited to bring his financial and technical skills & knowledge to the MEDcraze team. Growing up in northern Virginia he attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology and went on to MIT where he was awarded a BS in physics, a BS in electrical engineering, and a ME in electrical engineering. He enjoys technical hobbies and playing golf.

Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander

MEDcraze CTO and Marketing Director

Chris has 15 years of experience in web design, development and online marketing. He grew up in Covington, Georgia and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from the University of West Georgia.

Chris joined MEDcraze in January 2020. He is excited about the potential of MEDcraze to bring new technologies to patients.

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